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I'm Mr.Pugo.

I am a product designer, and digital creator, a startup founder (Dopely), a digital magazine manager (Gillde), a notion template gallery (NotionGot), and creator of a handful of other digital businesses. I write, capture, and create content and tools for productivity, entrepreneurs, founders, and creators.

My goal is to help people achieve more in their personal and professional lives, by Turning complex ideas and method into simple and useful products and systems. while also doing the same for myself.

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mehdi khodamoradi - mr.Pugo

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About Mehdi

Mehdi is a YouTuber, author, designer, and entrepreneur who has been helping people to be more productive, creative and create better products, brands, and businesses since 2013.

Mehdi’s startup, Dopely, and magazine, Gillde, have over 200,000 users every month, without spending a penny on advertising or other forms of paid traffic. They rely solely on social media, search engines, and word-of-mouth.

Mehdi’s main Instagram channel has gained more than 130,000 followers, and Dopely and Gillde combined have over 2 million followers.

Mehdi has helped numerous startups from MENA (where he was born and raised), some of which now make millions of dollars every day/week or have been acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars (e.g., Flightio), while others have failed (e.g., Bamilo, which had 10,000 users per minute) due to a lack of a proper strategy, as is the nature of business.

During his free time, he creates more outstanding digital products and solutions to help people like himself improve their lives and businesses.

Mehdi is extremely introverted, and being around people can easily drain him. However, most of the people around him think he’s a loud extrovert. 😅 It’s amazing how someone who is introverted can achieve so much in the world of entrepreneurship!

The final word is that Mehdi is truly passionate about teaching and helping others achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

mehdi khodamoradi - mr.Pugo

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