Digital Product Playbook

The Digital Product Playbook

Insider Secrets to Creating, Launching, and Thriving Online. Your ultimate guide to building a successful digital product business.

The book to start your journey in selling digital products.

From Idea to Profit: A Guide to Building, Launching and Scaling Successful Digital Products.

From Idea to Profit A Guide to Building and Launching Successful Digital Products

The Digital Product Playbook

Are you looking to create and sell a digital product? “The Digital Product Playbook” is your ultimate guide to building a successful digital product business. In this eBook, I will take you through the entire process, from planning and development to marketing and promotion. With actionable insights and practical tips, you will learn how to create engaging content, optimize your sales funnel, and drive revenue. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting, “The Digital Product Playbook” is your go-to resource for digital product success.

“The Digital Product Playbook” is a comprehensive guide to building and growing a successful digital product business. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting, this book provides practical strategies and insights to help you succeed in the competitive digital landscape.

Most new products fail, but this book helps improve your chances of building successful products through clear, step-by-step guidance and advice. It covers various aspects of creating, selling, and growing a digital product business, including idea generation and validation, planning, design and development, creating engaging content, building a high-converting sales funnel, pricing and monetization strategies, marketing and promotion, launching, driving sales and generating revenue, customer support and feedback, scaling, and analyzing performance and optimization.

This book was written by entrepreneur, product, and brand expert Mehdi Khoda (Mr. Pugo), whose experience spans product management, product and UX design, branding, analytics, and growth across a variety of products. Mehdi is passionate about helping people achieve more in their personal and professional lives. As a first-time published author, he draws from his experience in the digital product space and shares practical advice and insights to help readers succeed.

Whether you’re interested in creating and selling a digital product, or you’re looking to improve your existing digital product business, “The Digital Product Playbook” is an indispensable, hands-on resource that provides actionable insights and practical tips to help you achieve your goals.”

The digital product playbook covers various topics, along with numerous subtopics, including:

The growing importance of digital products

Understanding digital products

Idea generation and validation

Planning your digital product

Designing and developing your digital product

Creating engaging content

Building a high-converting sales funnel

Pricing and monetization strategies

Marketing and promotion

Launching your digital product

Driving sales and generating revenue

Customer support and feedback

Scaling your digital product business

Analyzing performance and optimization

About Mehdi

Mehdi is a YouTuber, author, designer, and entrepreneur who has been helping founders and entrepreneurs to be more productive , and creative and create better products, brands, and businesses since 2013.

Mehdi’s startup, Dopely, and magazine, Gillde, have over 200,000 users every month, without spending a penny on advertising or other forms of paid traffic. They rely solely on social media, search engines, and word-of-mouth.

Mehdi’s main Instagram channel has gained more than 130,000 followers, and Dopely and Gillde combined have over 2 million followers.

Mehdi is also a co-founder of a podcast called Yoko for businesses and entrepreneurs with the Persian language.

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