26 Beautiful & Free Notion Templates – 2023

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26 Beautiful & Free Notion Templates: Are you a student, teacher, or professional who is constantly working on a project and looking for ways to plan, organize, and track your day-to-day activities? Then Notion templates are sure to come in handy.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with many ideas and tasks? Do you often lose track of your work? If so, then Notion is the perfect tool for you! This free application helps you in managing your day-to-day life. The most popular features include to-do lists, various task types, notebooks/folders/sections, markdown support, project templates, team collaboration, Google Photos integration, and more.

here are 26 beautiful and free Notion templates to help you organize and manage your life easily.

Notion Templates for Students:

let’s begin with notion templates that are built for students and manage everything about education

1. Student Dashboard

Plan, organize, and track all your school activities from one easy-to-use central dashboard. Keep up with daily tasks and to-dos, track and take notes for all your courses, and be alerted of any upcoming assignments and exams.

You also get an embedded Pomodoro time and study playlist to help you stay motivated and productive.

Student Dashboard notion template
Student Dashboard notion template

2. Botan’s workspace

Botan Kimura represents all the students balancing family and work — while staying focused on their own academic pursuits. Explore his workspace, featured in our video story, “Family Business.” Inside, you’ll see how he’s managing both his grandparents’ bakery and his own studies in Notion.

Student Dashboard Notion Template

3. Student workspace

This template enables students to create a centralized workspace for their academic life. It encourages individuals to create a learning habit using flashcards and spaced repetition, as well as keeping track of their day-to-day tasks.

Student workspace Notion Template
Student workspace Notion Template

4. Lesson plans

These lesson plans are based on Harvard Business School’s Elements of Effective Class Preparation. Keeping lesson plans in a database like this makes it easy to track their status, keep all related notes in one spot, and make progress.

Lesson plans Notion Template

5. Class notes

Keep all your notes from all your classes in one spot. This template makes it easy to capture everything you need to learn, tagged by class, and automatically dated, with an easy way to figure out what you need to review and upload any related materials.

Class notes Notion Template

6. Grade calculator

Strategize your quarter or semester by knowing how much every assignment, exam, and project is worth for your final grade. Always know how you’re doing, and stay focused by recording your grades and figuring out where to invest your time. Our formulas in this template do it all for you.

Grade calculator Notion Template

Notion Templates for Freelancers:

Are you a Freelancer? then you’re going to love the Notion templates that I list below.

7. Freelancer dashboard

Manage your projects, and tasks, and generate invoices in Notion.

– Manage your client’s projects
– Keep track of your daily tasks
– Generate Invoices
– Get insights about your progress

Freelancer dashboard Notion Template

8. Consulting CRM

This template will save you hours of your time in trying to build your own CRM, set up databases, choose categories and link everything together. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars per year for CRM software when you can run your business simply through Notion, keeping everything in one place.

Consulting CRM Notion Templates

9. Pricing strategy

This template includes databases for the revenue streams, personal and business expenses, and a pricing simulator to quickly work out prices for services. There is also a calculator linked to your income and expenses that will auto-update as other databases are filled out.

Pricing strategy Notion Templates

10. Project dashboard

This template is intended to simplify the way professionals handle handover procedures, by offering clear guidance as to which steps to take in order to set new components up to speed with all the information regarding a project.

Project dashboard Notion Templates

11. Instagram planner

I’ve tried other services but I’m always happy if I can get everything into Notion so I created an Instagram feed planner. It uses a simple Notion gallery view and a template for when you want to add a new post. Add a scheduled date and view it on the calendar too.

Instagram planner Notion Templates

12. Contracting proposal

Contracting proposal Notion templates for free

As freelancers, we spend a ton of time making proposals. Manually it’s very time-consuming to make an entire proposal. There are online tools but they’re over-complicated, expensive, and don’t have basic duplication stuff. In short, the experience is not user-friendly. With Notion, I can send mobile responsive proposals, manage them in a MiniCRM, and most importantly re-purpose all my content and interlink stuff.

Notion Templates for Health & wellness:

13. Mood tracker

Keep track of the key moments that happen each day and take time to reflect on them. This template builds clarity on how you feel and increases your emotional well-being through self-reflection. Use this template to easily track your mood and have a searchable calendar of emotions.

Mood tracker notion template

14. Financial tracker

This free financial tracker helps you track your income and expenses month by month. It’s the same system Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks) uses in his day-to-day life, accurately recording all transactions. Included is a yearly summary at the top of the page that tells you how you’re doing for the year. Tracking your expenses is one of the easiest ways to understand what your financial picture looks like.

By knowing your expenses and income you will be able to create budgets, and savings goals, and start to invest.

Financial tracker notion template

15. Expecting mother’s diary

By tracking down the little things you do every day, mothers can come up with better decisions and preparations. It’s a long and exciting wait, so a detailed diary will be something you can learn from and also keep as a lovely memory.

Expecting mother's diary

16. Running tracker

Keep track of all your runs, pace, monthly goals, and personal bests. Track your run, add the distance and time, and add an image from your fitness app of choice. See how long you’ve run in your shoes so you’re prepared for a replacement.

Running tracker notion template

17. Mindful eating

Looking to get mindful about your eating habits? This nifty little template is perfect for keeping you on track! Simply fill in the date, meal, and what you ate, and you’re good to go. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just eat a bit more consciously, this template will help make it easy.

Mindful eating notion template

Notion Templates for Home & living:

18. House hunting dashboard

This is the method to your house-hunting madness. Gather all your favorite listings in one place, weight your options by your key factors, and track your contact, visit, and application process, all in one place.

House hunting dashboard for Notion.so

19. Wedding planner

Resources for engaged couples to customize throughout their wedding planning journey. Customize and edit as you see fit to create the wedding you’ve always imagined.

Some of the categories included are:
– Budget
– Guest List
– Venue
– Vendors
– & More!

Wedding planner for Notion.so

20. Outfit of the day planner

This template is perfect for individuals who are interested in fashion or clothing. It helps you pick your outfit of the day to stay stylish every day. This template can be used for both men and women.

Outfit of the day planner for Notion.so

21. Baby home notion template

A home for all things baby-related. Keep track of upcoming tasks, playdates, and even emergency information for the nanny.

Baby home notion template

22. Warranty status

This template stores all information about your products and reminds you if they are still under warranty. Just enter the name of your product, the date you bought it, and the duration of the warranty — it will remind you when the warranty expires!

Warranty status for Notion.so

23. Subscription tracker

This system will help you keep track of your subscriptions in one place. It includes monthly and yearly costs calculations, and the option to track subscriptions with a custom billing cycle. This template will also calculate your next payment date automatically.

Subscription tracker for Notion.so

24. Video game tracker

A database of video games that you would like to keep track of. Assign play status, set dates when you completed the game, etc. Multiple views offer you different view angles on your progress — from a concise list view to an expanded gallery view!

Video game tracker for Notion.so

25. Parental leave checklist

This simple table makes it easy to organize all your baby-related to-do’s. You can also share this page with friends and family and assign tasks to specific people, so everyone knows what to do. 

Parental leave checklist for Notion.so

26. Plant care

Everyone wants to be a plant parent, but it’s harder than it looks. You can use this template to keep track of your plants, including the watering schedule, optimal temperatures, common issues, and progress pics for each plant. 

Plant care for Notion.so

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