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Pugo's Digital Playground! - Private Channel

Step into my exclusive digital business journey.

Let's rewind the tape a bit – I've been donning the hats of a product designer and manager for a good chunk of my story. And oh boy, what a rollercoaster it's been! Countless attempts at launching online ventures, some spectacular faceplants, and a few high-fives from the universe when things clicked. Social media adventures that felt like riding a wild dragon – soaring to millions of followers and viewers, then taking a fiery nosedive.

But hey, you know what they say, it's not about the fall; it's about the bounce back. I've done my fair share of bouncing – failed, learned, stood up, pivoted, and hey, even made a few pennies along the way. Rejecting the big shots with wings (angels and VCs, to be clear) in favor of going solo and bootstrapping. Built a squad of 30 bright minds, taught them the ropes because, let's be real, the budget wasn't screaming "hire the pros!" Sailed through successes, tripped over lessons, and hit the restart button more times than I can count.

First $10k online? That felt like a victory sip. But, true to the saga, more failures followed. Yet, here I am, in the land of $10, $100, $1000, $10,000, $20,000 months – can you believe it? Now, my creations are doing the limelight tango with millions of users yearly. Notion templates (free and paid), the color extravaganza of Dopely, and the cozy corner of my online hangout, Gillde, among other adventures.

And then it hit me – that aha moment we all wait for. Teaching! Always dreamt of it, and guess what? Now's the time. The money's here, meaning time is on my side, and I'm well-rested after a decade of hustling. So, here I am, ready to dive into the teaching gig with hope, excitement, and a sprinkle of dreams coming true. Let's make learning cool, friendly, and down-to-earth – just the way it should be! 🚀🌟

Join the Pugo’s Digital Playground!

Ready to unravel the secrets of a thriving digital journey? Welcome to the Pugo’s Digital Playground – a unique space where transparency meets transformation.

Exclusive Access to My Journey

This isn’t your typical channel – it’s an exclusive backstage pass to my digital business journey. Gain unprecedented access to my wins, challenges, and the nitty-gritty details of running successful online ventures.

Learn by Observing, Thrive by Understanding

No filters, no secrets. Watch, learn, and thrive as you witness the real-life journey of a digital entrepreneur. Dive into the strategies, experiments, and decision-making processes that shape my businesses.

Ever Wondered How it's Done?

Curious minds, this is your haven. Ever wondered how a digital entrepreneur navigates the complex world of online business? Ask questions, engage in discussions, and satisfy your curiosity with exclusive insights.

Transparency Redefined

No hidden agendas, no mystery tactics. I lay it all out for you. From business strategies to marketing experiments, transparency is our guiding principle. Witness the highs and lows, and learn the art of resilience.

A Hub of Wisdom

This isn’t just a channel; it’s a hub of wisdom. Absorb lessons from real experiences, avoid common pitfalls, and embrace the knowledge that comes from being in the trenches of digital entrepreneurship.

Your VIP Pass

As a member, you’re not just a spectator – you’re part of an exclusive digital community. Your VIP pass grants you front-row access to the inner workings of a digital business, propelling your understanding to new heights.

What to Expect from My Private Channel

Exclusive Articles and Insights

Gain access to exclusive articles delving deep into various aspects of digital entrepreneurship, from strategy formulation to execution.

Transparent Learnings

Follow a transparent journey as I share real-time learnings, experiments, and insights from My digital ventures.

Revenue Reports and Tests

Explore detailed revenue reports, learn about the strategies that worked, and gain insights from A/B tests and experiments.

Failures and Success Stories

Learn from both failures and successes as I openly share the challenges faced and triumphant moments throughout my digital journey.

Sharing Premium Resources

Enjoy complimentary access to premium resources, guides, and tools that have played a pivotal role in my digital success.

Free Guides and Resources

Access an array of guides and resources designed to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Discounts on Other Products

Receive exclusive discounts on my other products and services, providing additional value to channel subscribers.

Exclusive Tips and Strategies

Get firsthand access to exclusive tips and strategies that go beyond generic advice, tailored to the evolving landscape of digital business.

End-to-End Journey Coverage

Follow the entire journey from ideation to execution, covering every step involved in building and scaling a successful digital business.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Experience behind-the-scenes content, providing an authentic look into the daily life and decision-making processes of a digital entrepreneur.

Early Access to Content

Enjoy early access to content, ensuring subscribers are among the first to benefit from the latest insights and resources.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Stay ahead of industry trends with continuous learning and adaptation strategies, ensuring your knowledge remains cutting-edge.

Holistic Business Education

Receive a holistic education in digital business, covering diverse topics such as branding, product development, marketing, and more.

Beyond the Channel: Unlock the Complete Digital Toolkit

Pugo's Digital Playground! - Private Channel

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Here's the twist – to make my coaching, tutorials, journey, and resources accessible for you, I've bundled it with exclusive access to my Private Group, customizable templates, systems, my book, roadmap, and a plethora of valuable resources.

It's not just a seat in the private channel; it's a gateway to a comprehensive toolkit designed to kickstart your digital journey.

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Unlock the full potential of your digital business journey



Ready to rewrite your digital business story?

If you've scrolled down this far, you're either on a quest for curiosity or craving more details. Either way, you're in the right place. Let's dive deeper.

What is the Private Channel about?

The Private Channel offers an exclusive backstage pass to my digital business journey. Gain insights, strategies, and real-time experiences as I navigate the complexities of online ventures.

What kind of content can I expect?

Dive into a diverse range of content, including lessons, experiments, quotes, updates, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of my digital ventures. It’s a holistic journey from ideation to execution.

How often is new content shared?

The content calendar includes regular updates, ensuring a mix of engaging material each week. From lessons and experiments to chat teaching sessions, there’s always something valuable in store.

Are there interactive elements?

Absolutely! Engage with polls, questions, and challenges regularly. It’s an opportunity to voice your opinions, share thoughts, and actively participate in the community.

Is there early access to premium assets?

Yes, subscribers enjoy exclusive sneak peeks and early access to premium assets and resources. It’s a chance to access valuable content before anyone else.

How can I connect with other subscribers?

While the channel is primarily one-way, you can connect with like-minded individuals by joining the Private Group. There, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in discussions and collaborations.

Is the content available after it's shared?

Yes, once shared, the content remains accessible. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge, and you can revisit and explore the material at your own pace.

Is the channel community-driven?

While the channel is primarily a one-way street, the Private Group complements it by providing a community-driven space for discussions, collaborations, and shared experiences.

What platform is the private channel hosted on?

The private channel is hosted on Telegram, a secure and user-friendly messaging platform. Upon subscribing to the Pugo’s Digital Playground bundle, you’ll receive an invitation link to join our exclusive Telegram channel.


Why Telegram?

We chose Telegram for its secure and interactive features, making it an ideal space for our digital community. It offers seamless communication, easy access to exclusive content, and a supportive environment for our members.


How do I join the private channel on Telegram?

After purchasing the Pugo’s Digital Playground bundle, you’ll receive a unique invitation link. Simply click on the link, and it will guide you to join our private channel on Telegram. If you encounter any issues, our customer support team is ready to assist you.


Do I need a Telegram account to access the private channel?

Yes, a Telegram account is required to join and participate in the private channel. If you don’t have one, you can easily create an account on the Telegram app or website.


Is Telegram secure for private communication?

Yes, Telegram is known for its strong emphasis on security. The platform uses end-to-end encryption to protect your messages and ensures a safe space for our digital community to engage in discussions, share insights, and learn together.