There is two bank account section in which everything is automated and connected to incomes, expenses, and savings and whos how much you make expensed, and saved for each account. You can see your all-time expenses, income, and savings or see them per year and per month.

You don’t have to do anything about this section unless you want to add a new bank account section or add a new year. Here is how you can add a new account:

Create a new bank account

1. Duplicate one of the bank accounts

2. Each bank account should have a different income and expense source to connect with. To do this you can duplicate one income and expenses section.

3. Now that you have your new bank account, income, and expense section you have to change their details and connect them to work perfectly together and to create your finance report accurately. To do this you need to change their database name and give them a unique name first.

Click on the three-dot icon, then click on Layout

Toggle on the Show database title to see it. then change the database title. Do this for your new account, income, and expense sections.

Now you have linked them together. Go to your new bank account and click on the three-dot icon, then open Properties.

In the properties sections, there are a few hide sections, unhide them.

Now your view should look like this: