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A new year to your income, expenses, or savings

A new year

Let’s say that the year is ending and you want to add the new your to all your incomes, expenses, and savings and automate the new year to any one of your bank accounts.

1. First you need to duplicate one of the yearly table views.

2. Select All months, click right and duplicate them

Select the year property of one of the new duplicates, then add or select a new year.


 Now choose the new year for all other new months. Doing this make all of them dissapear.

3. Now go to filters and select the year you have created and unselect the previous one.

Your views should look like this:

4. Change all months names. In my case, I will change the (24) to (25). This helps to identity them from all months from previous years.

5. Repeat these steps for all other income and expense sections until all of them has the year you wanted to add.

When you finished the previous steps, you need to add the new year to your bank accounts too.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to Account section and expand the “Per year” toggle.

2. Add a new sub-item and name it.

3. Now use the toggle icon and expand this new year. and create a new sub-section for it and name it “Per month”. Then you need to add twelve sub-section to Per month and name them from January to December. In my case it’s like this: