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Stay Organized and Make Impactful Investments

As an angel investor, you have the opportunity to meet incredible entrepreneurs and support groundbreaking innovations. However, managing your investments can become overwhelming, especially if you're juggling multiple deals and responsibilities. This Notion template provides an intuitive and efficient solution to keep everything organized and accessible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: making impactful investments.

Deal Flow Tracker - Keep Your Deals in Check

Managing deal flow just got a whole lot easier. The Deal Flow Tracker is designed to simplify your life. Picture this: You’ve just met an exciting new founder. Simply open the New Deal Form and fill in the details—company name, founder info, industry, and stage. Visualize your progress with our Kanban board, moving deals through stages from New to Closed (Invested/Not Invested). No more missed opportunities; every promising deal is tracked and organized.

Deal Flow Tracker - Keep Your Deals in Check

Portfolio Overview - Your Investment Snapshot

Peek into your portfolio with ease. The Portfolio Overview gives you high-level metrics, including Total Investments, Active Investments, Exits, and Total Capital Deployed. Want more details? Dive into the Investment List to see specifics like company names, investment dates, amounts invested, current values, ROI, MOIC, and IRR. It’s all right here, helping you measure your financial growth and make informed decisions.

Portfolio Overview - Your Investment Snapshot

Company Profiles - Know Your Investments

Get up close and personal with the companies you’re backing. Our Company Profiles section provides comprehensive information for each portfolio company—company name, founder(s), contact info, business summary, financial data, key milestones, and the latest updates. With a pre-designed page template, you’ll have consistent, organized profiles at your fingertips. Dive deep and stay informed about your investments.

Company Profiles - Know Your Investments​

Co-Investor Directory - Build Your Network

Collaborating with other investors has never been easier. Our Co-Investor Directory helps you keep track of your network. Store contact details, past collaborations, and personal notes for each co-investor. With our standardized Co-Investor Template, maintaining strong and productive relationships is a breeze. Expand your network and co-invest with confidence.

Co-Investor Directory - Build Your Network

Founder Connections - Stay Close to the Visionaries

Your relationship with founders is crucial. The Founder Connections section helps you track interactions and maintain strong bonds. Record details like founder name, company, contact info, interaction history, and support provided. Keep a log of all meetings, calls, and emails, ensuring you’re always on top of your communication. Support and nurture your founders, helping them thrive.

Founder Connections - Stay Close to the Visionaries

Email Templates - Communicate with Ease

Crafting the perfect email can be time-consuming. Our Email Templates section has got you covered with ready-to-use templates for various scenarios. Whether you’re making introductions, following up, requesting due diligence documents, proposing investments, or sending polite rejections, we have a template for you. Save time and communicate efficiently with our customizable email templates.

Email Templates - Communicate with Ease

What's Inside?

This free template includes essential tools and features to help you manage your investments with ease:

Deal Flow Tracker

Portfolio Overview

Company Profiles

Co-Investor Directory

Founder Connections

Email Templates

Start Simplifying Your Investments Today

Don't let the complexities of managing your investments hinder your ability to make a difference. Download our free Notion template now and experience the ease and efficiency of a well-organized investment management system. Stay tuned for the release of our premium version, designed to take your investment management to the next level.

Maximize your impact as an angel investor with our Ultimate Free Notion Template. Your journey to simplified and powerful investment management starts here!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I keep track of multiple investment opportunities?

The Deal Flow Tracker within this template allows you to log and monitor all potential investments. You can use the New Deal Form to capture essential details and the Kanban board to visualize the progress of each deal.

What’s the best way to manage my current investment portfolio?

The Portfolio Overview section provides a high-level summary of your investments, including performance metrics and updates. This helps you stay informed about the health and progress of your portfolio.

How can I maintain detailed profiles of the companies I invest in?

The Company Profiles section allows you to store comprehensive details for each portfolio company, including business summaries, financial data, and key milestones. This ensures you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

How can I effectively collaborate with other investors?

The Co-Investor Directory helps you keep track of contact details and collaboration history with other investors. This feature ensures you can easily manage and maintain strong relationships with your co-investors.

What’s the best way to log my interactions with founders?

The Founder Connections section enables you to track interactions with entrepreneurs, including meetings, calls, and emails. This helps you maintain strong relationships and provide effective support.

How can I quickly view the overall status of my investment portfolio?

The Mini Portfolio Page offers a visual summary of your entire portfolio, including key metrics and charts. This feature provides a quick overview of your investments at a glance.

How can I document the unique value I bring to my investments?

The Value-Add Tracking log allows you to document the various types of value you add to each investment, such as mentorship and strategic advice. This helps you showcase your contributions and their impact.

The Email Templates section provides ready-to-use templates for various scenarios, including introductions, follow-ups, and investment proposals. This feature saves you time and ensures your communications are efficient and consistent.

How can I stay on top of important dates and follow-up actions?

The template includes sections for automated reminders and alerts (available in the premium version), which help you stay on top of key dates and follow-up actions.

How can I generate detailed reports and analytics on my investments?

The Comprehensive Reporting feature (available in the premium version) provides in-depth reports and analytics on your investment performance, helping you make informed decisions based on detailed data.