Free Smarter Decision Making (10-10-10 Rule Template)

Why do we make decisions we regret? And how can we make better choices?

Free Smarter Decision Making (10-10-10 Rule)

Making Better Decisions with the 10–10–10 Rule

Making better decisions is not hard. You need to think about the long-term consequences instead of short-term emotions. To help you do this, you can use the 10-10-10 rule.

The 10-10-10 rule can be applied to nearly any decision you face, whether it’s small or large, personal or professional, and whether it occurs daily or once in a lifetime. By envisioning potential outcomes and considering a diverse range of perspectives, you can make an informed choice.

When you face a difficult decision, split it into three parts and ask yourself how you will feel about it ten minutes, ten months, and ten years from now.

Free Smarter Decision Making (10-10-10 Rule)
Free Smarter Decision Making (10-10-10 Rule)

Every day, you make many decisions

what to wear, what to eat, whether to go to the gym or not, and more. Your decisions affect your life. The job you choose determines your career, the food you eat affects your health, and your city and apartment impact your standard of living.